Poprad, Slovakia

With its 50,000 inhabitants, Poprad is the third biggest city of east Slovakia and one of the 6 “Follower cities” involved in the MAKING-CITY project.

In Poprad, 6 districts have been selected to replicate the PED concept developed in MAKING-CITY.


In Poprad, the PED replication will be carried out in 6 different districts (Zapad I & II, Juh I, III, IV & VI, and Centrum). Diversity of infrastructure defined these neighbourhoods: housing blocks, public schools, and central heating stations built at different times.

Main actions to replicate the PED concept developed by MAKING-CITY are:

  • the retrofitting of buildings (high efficient insulation, new windows…)
  • the installation of smart building energy controllers to better anticipate energy demand and consumption
  • the implementation of solutions to connect buildings together and share renewables facilities extra energy production