León, Spain


A new PED area has been delimited in León following the methodology developed in the MAKING-CITY project. Several renewable energy systems have been selected during the design phase in order to achieve self-sufficiency including solar (photovoltaic and thermal modules), hydropower (river plant), and aerothermy (heat pumps).

The delimited area includes a large municipal public facility, a former sugar factory newly renovated as a Convention Centre and Exhibition Hall Complex of the city, with a huge rooftop solar generation capacity. In addition, the boundary comprises a group of residential blocks and a hydro-generation plant on the river nearby. The theoretical demand of residents is estimated and considered as buildings are to be retrofitted for better energy efficiency and reducing demand. The consumption data of the pavilion is shared by the municipality and demand is calculated according to the systems defined in the design phase.

Home to 130,000 inhabitants, León is located in the Spanish region of Castile and León. It is one of the six Followers Cities involved in the MAKING-CITY project.

To replicate the PED concept in León, the congress and exhibition palace and its residential environment have been selected, also close to a small hydro generation plant on the river.