León, Spain

With its 130,000 inhabitants, León is located in the Spanish region of Castile and León. It is one of the 6 “Folowers cities” involved in the MAKING-CITY project.

Entrevias is a group of 5 highly populated neighbourhoods selected to replicate in León the PED concept developed in MAKING-CITY.


Entrevias is a group of 5 separated neighbourhoods located at the north of León representing 21,2% of the city’s population: La Inmaculada, Cantamilanos, Asuncion, San Esteban, Las Ventas and San Mamés. With a high density, these districts were built during the 1940’s and 1950’s to house industrial workers.

A poor isolation of buildings makes today the PED replication applicable in these neighbourhoods through the retrofitting of buildings and the use of biomass and geothermal technology as sources of energy, among others. The final objective is to improve energy efficiency of public facilities located in the 5 districts selected plus to improve and reduce energy consumption for many dwellers.