Located in the Węglin Południowy district, the area selected to replicate the PED concept elaborated in MAKING-CITY has both a mix between public and residential buildings: schools, universities, cultural centre, municipal offices, etc. In Poland, Lublin was the first city to introduce a “green civic budget”. The city committed to reduce by 23% its gas emissions and by 9,5% its energy consumption in the 2008 Low Carbon Economy Plan. The PED replication developed by the MAKING-CITY partners will mainly include:

  • The retrofitting of buildings (windows, high efficient insulation…)
  • The installation of more renewables power stations and their connection to the entire district
  • The implementation of an intelligent urban lighting management system

With more than 330,000 inhabitants, Lublin is the largest city of Eastern Poland and one of the six Follower Cities involved in the MAKING-CITY project.

An area located in the Węglin Południowy district was selected to replicate the PED concept developed in MAKING-CITY.