MAKING-CITY is a 72-month European Horizon 2020 project that focuses on demonstrating the potential of the PED approach as the basis for efficient and sustainable planning and development of cities.

Main objectives and expected impacts include solutions to help cities implement the PED concept.


  1. Demonstrate the PED concept in the two Lighthouse cities selected in the project: Groningen and Oulu.
  2. Establish a validated procedure to support the definition of PED concept (calculation procedures, identified barriers, assessed technical, social and regulatory framework conditions).
  3. Replicate the PED concept developed in MAKING-CITY in the 6 Follower cities selected.
  4. Support and promote the City Vision 2050 in the methodologies and procedures needed for the implementation of PEDs within integrating the 2030 mid-term timescale.
  5. Develop a rigorous monitoring and evaluation programme.
  6. Determine business models integrating the PED deployment to foster the creation of a business ecosystem behind the PED concept developed in MAKING-CITY.
  7. Organise social innovation activities to raise business opportunities in the cities by integrating the PED concept and involving industrials, SMEs, NGOs…
  8. Deploy an exploitation and market strategy from the market analysis to the identification of exploitable results and technologies.
  9. Establish a strong communication and dissemination strategy to promote and raise awareness about the PED concept developed in MAKING-CITY.
  10. Foster strong cooperation with related projects and relevant clusters of projects.


The PED concept developed in MAKING-CITY will boost the use of renewables as main sources of energy, waste recovery technologies, and innovative storage solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

MAKING-CITY will lead the way towards a larger implementation of PEDs thanks to validated technical feasibility, suitable business models and wide social acceptance.

MAKING-CITY will significantly improve energy efficiency, maximise the positive annual energy balance, and optimise the energy produced at the district level.

MAKING-CITY will increase the installation of electric mobility solutions such as electric charging stations.

The PED deployment in a large array of European cities will contribute to improving air quality in urban areas.

MAKING-CITY will transform the local economy of urban areas having a positive impact on citizens’ quality of life and attracting investors.

More than 4 358 jobs are expected to be created (directly and indirectly) in the 8 cities involved in the MAKING-CITY project. The replication of the PED concept in at least 20 other European cities would generate the creation of around 14 500 new jobs.

MAKING-CITY will encourage the mobilisation of public and private investment through the validated PED replication and advanced business models.