The MAKING-CITY project participated in Urban Transitions 2022: Integrating urban and transport planning, environment and health for healthier urban living from 8-10 November 2022 in Barcelona, Spain.

Arantza Lopez Romo, Tecnalia, presented the following abstract:

Capacity building for an effective energy transition and climate neutrality in 8 European municipalities

City vision creation towards climate neutrality and devoted action plans like SECAPs need to be supported in a suitable framework to ensure the success of defined objectives. Beyond the actions expected in the approved plans, it is needed to capacitate the municipalities to tackle the challenges that face in their everyday activities by adopting a holistic, coordinated, multi-dimension and integrated approach.

Junjan (2020) defines capacity building as the broad palette of techniques and methods that help individuals, organizations and communities to develop solutions to address the obstacles which prevent them in reaching their development goals. In this presentation, Capacity Building, Coaching & Mentoring aims to boost the local energy transition in municipalities by analysing, exploiting and building the social, technical, organisational, financial, legal and political capacities of cities to develop and deliver plans and policies to promote the local energy transition.

The approach to capacity building developed consists of three main elements: 1) the capacity analysis, that will help the cities identifying their strengths and challenges when it comes to creating a renewable energy system at the local level; 2) the capacity building strategy, that aims to make optimal use of the available resources, and find ways to engage in effective collaborations with networks of interdependent actors to collectively promote the local energy transition and; 3) the capacity building toolbox, that contains a mix of supportive policy instruments to support the development and delivery of energy transition policy.

This presentation explains how to develop and implement an effective capacity building strategy in 8 European municipalities. It comprises of an in-depth description of the common framework for capacity building approach development and the foundation proposed for the capacity building strategy and toolbox of each municipality according to their specific needs, obstacles and strengths.

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