New MAKING-CITY video "What is a PED?" is out now!


The newest MAKING-CITY video “What is a PED?” is now available for viewers to watch and download! The purpose of the video is to provide stakeholders and the general public with a short yet comprehensive explanation of Positive Energy Districts. The full transcript can be found below.

Did you know that cities consume two-thirds of the world’s energy and produce 70 percent of greenhouse gas emissions? Did you also know that cities now have the chance to greatly reduce their emissions and become much more energy efficient?

Introducing Positive Energy Districts, or P-E-Ds for short. P-E-Ds are urban areas that have a positive total energy balance, meaning that they produce more energy than is used by residents.

Reaching a positive total energy balance requires generating energy locally through both the use of renewables and efficient equipment. It also requires using less energy, so retrofitting old buildings or designing new ones that are energy efficient is key. The surplus energy produced in P-E-Ds is shared with other urban areas, reducing the city’s total energy consumption and environmental impact.

Implementing P-E-Ds is key to a successful energy transition and to mitigating climate change around the globe. Learn more at

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