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Kadiköy, Turkey – In October, the MAKING CITY project held its 11th Periodic Project Meeting in Kadiköy, Turkey. The event, which took place on 18 and 19 October, was an excellent opportunity for the partners to share the progress made over the last six months and to strengthen collaboration as the project enters its sixth and final year soon. The meeting was hosted in Kadiköy, on the Asian side of Istanbul, by our partner Kadıköy Belediyesi at the creative innovation space TASARIM ATÖLYESİ KADIKÖY (TAK).

A Day of In-Depth Discussions
The first day began with the inviting aroma of Turkish tea, coffee and a delicious breakfast – a perfect time for everyone to reconnect since the last meeting in Bassano del Grappa in May. The event officially kicked off with a warm welcome from the Mayor of Kadiköy, Şerdil Dara Odabaşı, in which he emphasised the essential role of initiatives like MAKING-CITY in orienting the city towards sustainable change.

Project coordinator Cecilia Sanz-Montalvillo then gave an overview of the project’s progress, setting the stage for an exciting and productive day. The core of the discussion revolved around the work package updates, where everyone gave an overview of the actions of the last six months and the outlook for the coming months. These updates covered a wide spectrum, from technical ideas to demographic analysis, underpinning the multi-layered approach of the MAKING-CITY project.

During a well-deserved coffee break, participants had the opportunity to mingle and exchange ideas, further cementing the collaborative spirit that characterises the project. In the afternoon sessions, insightful workshops were dedicated to addressing the PED Business Model challenges specific to our lighthouse and follower cities. Additionally, Capacity Building Strategies were explored to engage the right stakeholders effectively when implementing a PED. These workshops served as valuable platforms for developing strategies, brainstorming ideas, and laying the groundwork for future actions in line with the project’s objectives and challenges.

As the sun gradually set and the play of lights on the Bosphorus began, the event ended with a joint project dinner offering a wide range of delicious Turkish specialities.

Technical Visits to Innovative Sites

The second day of the meeting, Thursday 19 October 2023, featured a series of insightful technical visits to innovative sites across Kadiköy. These visits provided a first-hand look at sustainable urban solutions in action. The Disaster Education and Awareness Park demonstrated the importance of community preparedness and resilience, especially in an earthquake region like Turkey. Visitors were able to interact with educational exhibits and gain insights into disaster preparedness. A simulator was used to recreate the last directly felt earthquake in Istanbul in 1999, so that MAKING CITY partners could learn how residents should react in such situations. The project team also had the opportunity to meet several rescue dogs that are being trained at the centre for future earthquake missions.

A visit to the Waste Free Life Shop presented practical solutions for reducing waste and living a more sustainable lifestyle. From reusable products to waste-free shopping, this initiative illustrated the small steps each individual can take towards a greener future. The Ecological Life Centre provided insights into the harmonious coexistence of city life and nature in Kadiköy. Participants explored sustainable agriculture, urban gardening and biodiversity conservation practices, especially targeting children and schools.

The new PED Area in Kadiköy

The day ended in the “Caferağa PED area”, chosen by Kadiköy for its first PED project. The partners had the opportunity to visit the residential buildings earmarked for optimisation, as well as a sports centre and a cultural centre that will be extensively renovated in the future. Similar to the lighthouse cities, the energy supply of these structures will work together to create an energy-efficient district with a positive energy balance that generates more energy than it consumes. This marked the conclusion of a fruitful meeting, during which all partners gathered numerous insights for the upcoming six months. If any of the topics have piqued your interest, please feel free to contact us at

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