MAKING-CITY celebrates the success of two demo houses in Groningen!


On 23 May, the residents of the Grote Beerstraat in Groningen celebrated the success of two MAKING-CITY demo houses. Fortunately, it was dry when the alderman for energy transition Philip Broeksema and resident Lisetthe threw the old central heating boiler into the pun container. This symbolic action marked the transformation of the two now gasless houses.

The MAKING-CITY Groningen team organised the party with the owners of the demohouses, the alderman and fellow residents. Local residents could tour both homes and also register directly for energy-saving advice in their own home. In the coming years, the project will be devoted to sharing the experience gained and evaluating the data measured.

The PED North district now has four family homes from different construction years that have been made energy neutral through the implementation of innovative measures.

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