Groningen Launches Magazine:
'Energy Transition as a Social Process'

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Groningen, 14 December 2023

The City of Groningen presents its new magazine entitled “Energy Transition as a Social Process”, which is the result of a collaborative work of several MAKING-CITY Partners, including TNO, Hanzehogeschool Groningen, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Gemeente Groningen, and Grunneger Power.

The magazine addresses key issues such as citizen participation and energy poverty, and explores critical questions that play a role in the global search for sustainable energy solutions. Readers are invited to gain insights into the complex dynamics of energy poverty, understand the intricacies of organising control at the municipal and corporate levels, and discover strategies to promote citizen participation and engagement.

As Groningen positions itself at the forefront of innovative urban development, the magazine aims to contribute valuable perspectives on the evolving landscape of smart cities, sustainable practices, and the crucial intersection between technological advancements and community engagement

For a deep dive into the insights of “Energy Transition as a Social Process,” click here to access the Dutch version. Stay tuned for the English release next year.


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