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Accelerating the Energy Transition Through Positive Energy Districts: Learn More with Our Factsheets!

Today, meeting your electricity and gas needs has become a real challenge. Between climate change and soaring energy prices, finding accessible and sustainable solutions has become an urgent necessity. This is where our MAKING-CITY project comes in!

Whether you’re a homeowner striving to enhance your residence’s ecological footprint or a municipal councilor committed to advancing your community’s energy development, our Positive Energy District (PED) concept is tailored for you. Financed by the European Union and implemented by a consortium of 34 partners over the past six years, this initiative aims to facilitate cities in transitioning to a more sustainable energy mix. The goal is to enhance urban comfort while safeguarding our planet.

Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) are neighborhoods engineered to generate more energy than they consume. They integrate sustainable technologies such as solar panels, wind turbines, and energy recovery systems. The overarching objective is to maximize energy efficiency, promote sustainable lifestyles, and catalyze job creation within the local community.

This model has already proven successful in several major European cities, each with its own particularities. Our two lighthouse cities, Groningen and Oulu, have already constructed three PED areas, and our six follower cities are currently replicating the concept within their geographical areas. So, why not consider implementing this approach in your local context?

Consult now the factsheets of our eight project cities to discover their current progress, decarbonization goals for 2050, detailed implementation strategies developed through their participation in the MAKING-CITY project, comprehensive stakeholder engagement strategies, and innovative business models. Discover how your community can replicate these sustainable urban energy solutions!

Discover the 8 Factsheets of out Lighthouse and Follower Cities below:

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