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Together with other H2020 projects related to the Positive Energy District (PED) concept, MAKING-CITY was part of a EUSEW webinar titled “Creating a Joint Vision for PEDs”. 

Recorded version:

EUSEW 2020 - WEBINAR: Creating a Joint Vision for PEDsMore details

PEDs are an important concept in both the EC’s Smart Cities & Communities (SCC) programmes and the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET plan). In the EC’s SCC Lighthouse programme, which has set PEDs as a formal standard in its recent calls, over 420 Million Euro are invested in 47 Lighthouse Cities and 67 Fellow Cities.

Two main lines of action are currently ongoing in this context: the refinement of the PED definition in order to arrive at a commonly accepted standard for PED implementation and the building of PEDs in on-the-ground projects such as under the EC SCC Lighthouse scheme. Given the current developments, a third factor is brought into the discussion: how can PEDs contribute to increased robustness against shocks and at the same time present specific opportunities for post-covid recovery (Green Deal). 

The session gives an in-depth state of the art assessment for both lines of action and recommends on future developments in a perspective of recovery as sketched higher. The session is primarily intended at actors involved in PED development as well as interested delegates of local authorities, civil society organisations, developers and technology providers.

Selected examples of PEDs (under construction) are analysed for their relevance in solving the many technical and non-technical challenges towards their realisation. From this analysis, recommendations for improved roll-out and policy support are derived while interactively involving the audience.

Session Agenda

  • Pitch 1: Definitions and approaches: an overview – Han Vandevyvere, SCIS consortium (Vito)
  • Pitch 2: The PED Framework – a joint PED vision – Christoph Gollner, FFG (Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mbH)
  • Pitch 3: Challenges of the local context – Rudy Rooth, Atelier Local Coordinator Amsterdam (DNVGL)
  • Pitch 4:  Reality check in current EIP SCC Lighthouse Cities – 2 field cases +CityxChange, Powel  and  MAKING-CITY, Oulu (Marit Teigen Myrstad +CityxChange, Samuli Rinne MAKING-CITY)
  • Discussion 1: Elaborating on the PED definition and certification work, feedback to the SET plan
  • Discussion 2: Addressing challenges and barriers to building PEDs on the ground: recommendations, next steps, feedback to the related EU policy and regulatory frameworks
  • Wrap up: Reporting from the discussion groups

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