MAKING-CITY meets in Bassano del Grappa, Italy

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MAKING-CITY project partners met in Follower City Bassano del Grappa, Italy for the project’s 10th plenary meeting. Partners were happy to meet again, but this time in warmer, sunnier conditions than those of the last meeting in snowy Oulu!

Held at the Civic Museum of Bassano del Grappa, the meeting began with a warm welcome from representatives from the city, an overview of the project status, fresh cookies and espresso in the shade of the courtyard. Work package presentations ensued, during which leads gave a brief overview of the actions achieved in the past six months of the project, and the actions to come in the next six months.

The afternoon was filled with workshops. The first, held by R2M Solutions focused on building PED business models through ideation and incubation. Partners broke into groups based on the cities they represented and built business models tailored to their respective cities. At the end, partners were able to compare and contrast the cities’ business models.

The second workshop on the techno-economic analysis of the interventions in Groningen was led by New Energy Coalition. During this workshop, partners tested a new tool for analysing the feasibility and different factors involved in the implementation of different energy solutions. Partners familiarised themselves with the tool by practicing with a few exercises and discussing the its strengths and shortcomings.

The third and final workshop served to develop project factsheets on PED development, needs and messages. Led by GBCe, partners were guided through a questionnaire to gather information on the status of their cities’ in terms of energy transition readiness and PED development. The factsheets presenting the information collected will be published in the coming months.

The busy afternoon ended with a technical visit to BAXI headquarters. Partners were provided an introduction to the company and then went on a guided factory and R&D lab tour. Afterwards, partners walked around the city and met once again for dinner to celebrate the end of the 10th project meeting.

Partners had lovely, productive time in Bassano del Grappa and look forward to meeting again at the first Innovation Camp in Oulu! For more information, get in touch at

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