Solar footpath opens in Groningen

MAKING-CITY Featured Images (2)

On Friday 24 March, the first 400 m2 Dutch solar footpath for pedestrians at the Europapark was opened by Alderman for Energy Transition, Philip Broeksma as part of the MAKING-CITY project. Made up of 2544 solar tiles of 35 by 35 cm each, this sustainable footpath generates approximately 53,000 kWh of electricity per year. From a place where coal used to be brought for energy, energy is now generated at the Kolenkade. The solar footpath was created by BENG Products, Royal BAM Group and Royal Sjouke Dijkstra. The solar tiles are made by the Hungarian company Platio.

Alderman Philip Broeksma states, “This solar footpath contributes to the ambition to be CO2 neutral by 2035. It is doubly sustainable, because the solar tiles are made from recycled plastic. And double use is made of the space: the solar footpath generates electricity, while it can simply be walked on.” The generated power is supplied to the municipality’s office on Harm Buiterplein, making the building more sustainable.

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