MAKING-CITY presents at Bij Van Houten event


On Saturday 2 July, students and researchers of the NoorderRuimte Research Center organised a participatory event, in collaboration with the local citizen initiative Duurzaam Oosterpark. They exchanged information with local citizens about the main housing types in the district and how they can become more sustainable, or more specifically, how they can save and produce energy, what the costs are, what  subsidies are available, and what the pay-off times are. But most importantly, they shared research results not only about the financial, but also about the environmental and social impact of these interventions.

Moreover, research by design results on the transformation of the old “Van Houten” school into a community center was discussed with the participants. The following questions were addressed:

  • How can a monumental building become sustainable and serve as a role model for the local society?
  • How can this be done in a respectful way to its architectural values and historical character?
  • How can the new function be designed in such a way that it enhances social cohesion and alleviates the impact of energy poverty?

The event was organised in the context of the 3-days “Bij Van Houten” open event and constitutes part of the ongoing research within the EU Horizon2020 MAKING-CITY project.

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