NRG2peers - Europe’s next generation of peer-to-peer energy communities


By combining 3 levels with gamified features supporting peer-to-peer behavioural-based incentives, the NRG2peers platform targets global energy and CO2 emission savings at community level, and investment in sustainable energy in the EU.

The project is a step towards a reliable, affordable, sustainable and competitive energy system that helps residents reduce their dependence on fossil fuels in a context of growing scarcity of resources, increasing energy needs and a climate challenge. NRG2peers started officially this September and will have a mission to develop a platform with three goals in mind – to collect experiences from operative peer-to-peer energy communities in Europe; to provide smart demand–response mechanisms to optimise energy consumption and peak demand at the community level and to adopt community-based nudging mechanisms for peer-to-peer transactions of renewable energy and to sustain prosumer-friendly business models.

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